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At J n S Food Equipment Plus we work with several manufacturers to ensure you get the exact product for your exact needs. We have the experience and the knowledge to make the right recommendations for your food processing needs. Below are some of our manufacturing partners we work with to provide you with the food processing solution that fits your business.

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Looking for used equipment? Click the following link for our current list of used food processing equipment we have available.

Photo of Colimatic

We have been in the business of designing and manufacturing automated roll stock and thermoforming packaging machines since 1973. With thousands of machines successfully installed all over the world, we are still proud to be a family owned business, with customer focus in mind.

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Photo of CRM North America
CRM North America

We represent a network of Italian companies that provide the best-in-class equipment and products for the processing, curing, seasoning and aging of meat.

Categories: Grinders, Slicers
Photo of Enviro Pak
Enviro Pak

Enviro-Pak is a family owned and operated company located just outside of Portland, Oregon. We manufacture ovens, smokehouses, chillers, steam cabinets, dryers, pasteurization units and smoke generators.

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Photo of Leland Southwest
Leland Southwest

We have salad, paste, pasta filling, sausage, spice, seafood, soup, mixed vegetable and pizza manufacturers that all rely on the Double Action Mixer in their operations. Shouldn’t you?

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Photo of Minipack America
Minipack America

Minipack America is a leader in vacuum sealing, bagging, and packaging equipment for a myriad of industries

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Photo of Nowicki USA
Nowicki USA

Nowicki USA in dedicated to a better understanding of the meat processor’s needs and implementing them to Nowicki’s advanced technologies in order to optimize their processes and profitability.

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Promarks vac Corporation is a USA based corporation that is incorporated in the state of California and Promarks vac is the parent company of Foodmax and Profood as well as the new Promarks Heat Seal Division.

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Photo of RiscoUSA

Risco USA Corporation is a manufacturer of Food Processing Equipment and Vacuum Stuffers servicing the Meat, Bakery, Dairy, Pet Food, Case Ready & Value Added Processors.

Categories: Mixers, Stuffers
Photo of TALSA

TALSA is a market leader within the food industry, in the manufacturing of average capacity, quality food processing machinery.

Categories: Brine Injectors, Chopper, Cutter, Grinders, Meat Injectors, Mixers, Stuffers
Photo of Thompson Meat Machinery
Thompson Meat Machinery

It seems there are two types of products today. Those products built down to a price that rapidly fills our garbage dumps… and those that represent real quality… continuing to perform long after they’re paid for! The superb range of meat processing equipment from Thompson Meat Machinery is absolutely iconic of the latter!

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Photo of Tipper Tie
Tipper Tie

TIPPER TIE is a worldwide supplier of processing and clip packaging machines. Our product range includes fine cutters for emulsified products and a complete line of clippers from tabletop models to fully automated, high-speed systems that seal, clip, net, bag and hang a wide variety of products.

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